Money & Boyfriend

Hey Brooke!

Video game gal again… :/ So I have another question about a boyfriend model. I’m frustrated because even though I’ve worked through the video game situation and I’ve been at it planning my bday party and other fun things and advancing my career while he plays video games now money is becoming a thing. He had a pay gap because he quit a job and had a week free between when the next job picked up, etc. So I’ve been helping out with money for a hot second and I know this is more a me thing than anything and I started scholars for two reasons 1) fix my jealousy and thoughts on relationships 2) my poor money beliefs. I have only started your money videos and need to dive on deep this month but here’s where I am at currently.

Unintentional Model:
C : Lent boyfriend X amount of money for flights and car issues
T: I’m going into debt to help him pay for things when he’s going out to eat every day and spends his time playing video games rather than finding ways to pay for the things he needs.
F: Angry & Resentful
A: Pick fights, question what he purchases and how he spends his time
R: Debt and arguments

Intentional Model:
C: Lent boyfriend X amount of money for flights and car issues
T: I enjoy being able to help out where I can for those I love
F: Content
A: inaction
R: Debt and no arguing

Could you help, please?

Thank you!