Money (Krista Call) – Living off my Husbands Money

Wednesdays money call and the Scholar that talked about “living off husbands money” hit home.
(thank you for this!)

I 100% have this same exact thought and my 2020 goal is related around the same premise.
Earning 50k to pay off all our credit cards and pay for our Ski Vacation during christmas.
This would be the initial start to being a real contributor to our household.

c – my husband makes the money in our house
t – I am living off my husbands money and hardwork
f – tired & ashamed
a – trying all the strategies, doing all the programs, spending days on models and journaling, trying all different posts and promoting
r – still living off my husbands money

c – my husband makes the money in our house
t – I am working on changing that
f – neutral
a – change my strategy, reduced my consumption, limit buffering, commit to my niche, start posting again
r – financial independence is coming

The IM model just doesn’t generate the feelings to get to work—so I know I have to focus on the thought but my brain is not allowing a better bridge thought.