Money models

C: zero customers in the store
T: there’s nothing to do
F: bored
A: pace around, shop on my phone, refresh Ask a Coach, go on break, eat out of boredom, eat junk food instead of the salad I brought to work
R: I do nothing

C: snacks in the vending machine
T: I want that
F: desire
A: process 3 urges
R: I allow urges to overspend and overeat

C: snacks in the vending machine cost $1.70/$0 in food budget/$38k debt
T: it doesn’t matter
F: apathetic
A: walk to the break room, buy 2 snacks
R: I overspend and don’t follow money protocol

C: my hair is brown and I have $38k in debt
T: I’ll dye my hair when I have more money
F: sad
A: buy 2 snacks for $3.40
R: I now have an additional $3.40 in debt in addition to brown hair lol