Negotiating with confidence and standing by my dreams and goals

I’m in the final stages of negotiating a job as a manager for a farm store. The owners just told me they want a non-compete agreement because of a bad experience they had with a past failed attempt to hire a manager.

Before that conversation I had lots of “what if’s?” floating in my head, so I did an unintentional model and an intentional model. The intentional thought I wrote down was, “I can work with any outcome.” Which is true. I could work around their terms even if the manager job doesn’t work out but I’m not sure that taking that risk serves my goals (being my own boss, living in that location, and investing in that community, giving my daughter stability, etc.).

Please help me find a thought that gives me confidence, creates actions that will earn their trust, and also helps me stand up for myself and pursue my goals and dreams.