Hello! Loving ALL of this work! So we had the opportunity to move to Sedona, AZ, and have been here for a year. It had low risk and we wanted to try Northern AZ, more nature. The year has come and gone, and both our jobs are back in valley, hubby is commuting 4 hours a day, so not sustainable. He is not finding a job here that aligns with what he is doing. I think we are just having LOSS pain, getting ready to move. The nature, the calm, the quiet. We don’t think Sedona is the answer (like this is where we want to live forever). And we agree moving back is the right move. We disagree on any other places to live. I think we don’t know what we really want and am trying to do thought work on that.

Question: is it just LOSS pain? or is it an indication we are not doing the right thing?
C: Moving back to Phoenix
T: I don’t want to leave (toddler)
F: sad
A: look at the trees all around us, breathe
R: come to terms it is the right move

C: Moving back to Phoenix
T: We will save $500/month
F: Excited
A: Save for a house
R: Make 1, 3, 5 year goals

🙂 big hugs