My Cluttered Life

Dear Brooke,

I am increasingly frustrated with the “clutter” in my life. Our home (with two small kids, a husband and dog) is almost always a mess which is a big distraction and drain on me. I go through stages of trying to organize and purge but I really have issues with just giving stuff away. I think I can, then I think I should try to sell it (scarcity mindset??) which is just a lot of work and time suck. Not worth the effort yet I can’t seem to just let it go in one trip to Goodwill. Then I think if I could find a place to donate to that it will get to folks who really need it I would feel good about giving it all away. I know I am following a bit in my mom’s footsteps here but I would like to choose my own path when it comes to possessions and not spending a lot of time managing stuff.

I know this is a symptom of a cluttered mind. I am starting to build my awareness around how this is affecting the rest of my quality of life and as a distraction to focusing on things that matter more.

Can you recommend where I can start to move out of the clutter and/or the thought work to do?

Thanks so much.