My new belief for March vs OA protocols

Hi Brooke, Over the past year I’ve lost about 40 pounds pretty effortlessly. I feel good at this weight, but I would like to see how it would be if I lost another 15. The belief I chose for myself is “I am in amazing shape.” I have started working out much harder, lifting weights, and am diligently doing my homework and creating new thoughts around my new belief. I haven’t watched the Overeating Webinar as of yet-so when I started listening to the Q & A about it last night, I heard new information (to me) about holding off on heavy exercise during the process of becoming fat adapted, and that it can lead to more hunger/urges. So my question is, should I stick with working my new belief, and deal with that final 15 pounds later, or do my OA work to start up the new protocols? Thank you,