My purpose and being "complete" or "good enough"

I have been working on the “How to Live Your Purpose” module. Having worked through it, and other personal work, I now understand that I in fact AM good enough, absolutely worthy and lovable as is. And while I generally understand the idea of being complete, I still struggle with that word.

I’ve even tried to create an analogy, like a home we buy. It’s completely built and move in ready enough (“good enough”) but we can decorate it and update it over time to make it even better because we like it. But I still struggle with the word “complete” when I know there are still projects I really want to do and haven’t yet done them in the 12 years we’ve been here and I’m unhappy with them for now. So, even my home does not feel complete even though I love it. It always feel like there is still something yet to be done, so that analogy does not work 100% either. I guess we could choose to not do any “fixing” of ourselves…. in which case we’d be complete as humans. But there is enough that I’d like to work on, so I do not feel complete. Not necessarily to be good enough in anyone else’s eyes, but because I don’t like those aspects and it’s not fun for me to have. Does that all make sense? Could you help me further with this word? Thanks so much!