My Question

I posted my question few days ago and wasn’t answered:

Well, that didn’t go very well…

I went flour and sugar free on May 1st and made an incredible progress.
Yesterday we went for a dinner with our best friends who happen to be obese people and love to eat.
They wanted to order several appetizers that had either sugar or flour in them and asked me if I’ll enjoy those with them and I said, ‘No, thank you, but please, do enjoy them yourselves.’
They paused, disappointed and asked me, ‘Why can’t you be fun and have us all enjoy everything just tonight? Why do you have to be so rigid by not eating these foods?’
And I took Brooke’s reply and answered, ‘Why ARE you eating these foods, is what I want to know…’
The dinner ended there. The wife refused to sit there and said, ‘Well, that will be fun now to eat anything but lettuce, thanks a lot! You know what, I’m not feeling very well.’
She called the waitress and apologized that we will not stay, she got up and they both left.

I called her later and apologized if I hurt her feelings.
I suppose when Brooke mentioned this she did not mean for us to actually literally ask the question.

For next time, do you have a better way to respond to food pushers?