My unintentional thought is creating a positive emotion

I’m trying not to panic.

Tonight I discovered a very deep underlying thought: Eating makes everything better. And guess what feeling that thought creates? CALM. No wonder I’m not losing weight! Calm is normally a positive emotion. But in this case that thought is clearly leading me to overeat. I’ve been sitting here for an hour trying to figure out how a positive feeling is a bad thing and trying to come up with replacement thoughts. I’m obviously missing something because my intentional model is still blank. I can’t even figure out what feeling I should want to have about overeating, let alone a new thought. Can you help?

Old model:
C: overeating
T: eating makes everything better
F: calm
A: eat
R: go off protocol, gain weight

New model:
C: overeating
A: stay on plan
R: lose weight