Relationship help!

Hi Brooke! I need a bit of a mindset change. I’ve been in a relationship for a year and a half and throughout the relationship I’ve caught my boyfriend in several lies. There’s no pattern to it. He’s lied about his past, money and sometimes where he’s been since the very beginning. All things I find out on my own. Most recently over the weekend, I found out he wasn’t where he said he was and when I confronted him he just gets defensive and says he feels he can’t do anything or tell me anything because I get upset. It is true I get upset at times at some things because he doesn’t make any extra effort with me but, he will with new people he meets such as coworkers and I’m not ever a part of his outside relationships which makes me feel excluded. I have felt like we are pretty much roommates rather than in a relationship for some time. He says he’s just comfortable when I have tried discussing this. I know we have no control over what anyone does and we shouldn’t end a relationship based on emotion or the feeling that it’s just broken. I just feel I do not want to continue the relationship with constantly feeling this way and I would not choose to enter this relationship knowing what I know now about him. I think I’m afraid of the knee-jerk reaction of feeling alone/regret or the continuing thought that things could get better. We have separated before but, only for a short amount of time and we were in communication and I let these feeling overpower me. How do I deal with this and get in the correct mindset? Thank you! Kim