"My work won’t be as good when tired"

I’ve been sleeping 3-5 hours per night recently, and I believe that this is affecting my productivity. I’ve done a lot of models which have been helpful around my thoughts (for example “I won’t be able to get it all done today because I’m too tired” leads to anxiety leads to — actions leads to result of not getting it all done), and have also taken on the advice about doing something regardless of what I’m feeling, which is great as I can no longer use tiredness as an excuse to put things off.

I have also realised through the thought work that my feelings of worth are linked to my productivity. So therefore pushing myself to be productive becomes more important than just getting the work done.

The thing is it really feels like a fact that I’m not as productive when I’m tired – I actually do mistakes (e.g. sending documents with mistakes in, sending emails to the wrong person, missing info off documents etc), don’t work as fast or struggle to focus.

I’ve been working on having compassion for myself when tired, but showing up regardless i.e. sticking to plans, but a part of me still believes that “I shouldn’t do this (important thing) when I’m tired, I won’t do as good a job.”

This really feels like a thought that it’s hard not to believe, and I find it hard to stick to routine/ schedule/ plans when I allow my sleeplessness to factor into my day.

I’m wondering what new thoughts I could be working on believing? Like would it be more like “I show up for my work regardless of how tired I am” or more like (one I frequently use) “I have my own back” which might mean actually not working and taking a nap instead? Or would having my own back mean doing the work regardless of what the outcome is? Would love your thoughts on this.