Narcissist ex-boyfriend and money

My narcissist ex-boyfriend sent me $3000 out of the blue through PayPal to try to get me to talk to him (since I am going no contact).

There was nothing on the payment that indicated what it was for. He sent it as a service (and not to friends and family), and when I accepted it, I absorbed PayPal’s fee (2.9% + $.30 = $87).

Because I’m not communicating with him, he issued a refund for the payment in full. Legally, the money is mine since there was no contract. I’ll give it back because I just want to be done with him. However, I’ll absorb that $87 fee, and maybe twice the fee, since there might be a fee on the return (= $174). I don’t want to lose $175 on him trying to jerk me around (in addition to my precious time). I also don’t want to continue fueling anything with him, positive or negative. I just want him out of my life.

Any advice on what to do? Thanks.