Narrowing down my niche

Good morning Brooke!
Thank you for all your great answers.
I’ve been coaching three students who want to improve their English skills. That’s allowed me to narrow down my niche from the very broad “people wanting to progress in English” to this:
– women (I feel more confident around women than men)
– from 20 to 30 years old (because my 3 students are around that age and I feel great with them)
– perfectionistic
– introverted
– super sensitive
Those 3 traits are absolutely mine so I feel I know exactly how they feel and why they act (or not) as they do.
Problem: procrastinating because they’re ashamed of their English speaking skills
Aim: feeling confident and being autonomous
Solution: I’ll guide them to acquire more learning skills, get English learning tactics and to manage their thoughts.
What do you think?
I suppose I’ll end up narrowing it down a little bit further: for instance, the area in which they want to speak (for work, to travel…) but I’m not sure which one to pick yet.
Thank you!
Nan (on my way to California tomorrow!)