Need help taking time for me.

Since married, I guess I’ve emphasized taking care of the house, husband and kids over myself. I guess I did that for my mom too, as she was a single mom and my step dad was abusive to me when he was around… How do you recommend I can help improve this?

C: ?
T: How do healthy people take care of themselves? Exercise, eat right, get sleep, chill???? These require time which I need to manage better. MHO yikes! I clearly don’t know how to manage my time well enough to do everything I want to do and get done all that needs to get done. Failure thoughts – I’m in the LCS and still haven’t conquered one thing. If I’m paying for this, why don’t I prioritize it? What exactly is “The Work”???
F: Clueless (on a hamster wheel).
A: I keep doing some of the same: Tidy kitchen even if the kids should have done it the night before, so we can “keep up for the day.” Before I leave for work: Cook dinner even if it’s too late for us to eat it – though we do because they are hungry. Help with scouts & kids’ dyslexia, help with some homework, try and see where I can do more so I can have more of what I think I want done: Holiday decor (I love this), gift giving to charities, tackle business year end paperwork, FASFA… Confusion when we have deadlines – those have to be prioritized????
R: I’m a hamster. Not enough progress. I’m a major producer, have made improvements in some areas, but our family biz is not where I want it, Son did get his college applications in and accepted to his #1 – so that’s good. I did get the house refinanced, but I still look to where/how I can do and accomplish more….

Help 😉