Neighbor ignored me

I met my neighbor, her kids, and husband when taking the elevator.
She didn’t hold the door for me, which I found weird. Then after leaving the elevator, I said goodbye very distinctly, but she didn’t answer (whereas her husband did answer).
(Few days before I met her husband in the elevator and we’ve been politely chating for maybe 1 minute)
What’s interesting is that I felt profoundly hurt by the fact that she didn’t answer.
Even if she has her reasons, that I shouldn’t have a manuel for her behaviour towards me, I felt so hurt that my belly was hurting as if someone punched me there.
So I resolved to make a model immediately on my phone, and here’s how it goes:
C she didn’t say bye
T b… is ignoring me on purpose
F hurt
A thinking about it all the way, belly hurting, imagining scenarios where I’ll be obviously ignoring her as a revenge
R during my sunday from 7pm, I’m suffering and cannot think about anything else

All the way down, I’ve been consciously feeling that pain in my belly, feeling the feeling.
I don’t understand how is that affecting me so much. Any help on how not to be affected by this kind of behaviour is very welcome.