Nervous Travel Bladder

This has been an issue for me for so long, I don’t know where to start.

I have a fear of driving in cars with other people over long distances. Honestly, really anything out of my town. So going on a road trip or vacation is challenging because I’m afraid I’ll have to go to the bathroom (pee specific) and they will not stop for me and/or that I will have to go like every 30 minutes (because I start fixating on my bladder) and I will be a big inconvenience.

I have a trip to Philadelphia coming up. I’m already worried about the drive to the airport. Not knowing where bathrooms are in Philadelphia. Taking tours, and needing to go. This is an issue specific to areas where I’m not comfortable or familiar. I end up ruining my trips, or avoid them all together, because I don’t want to feel out of control.

I don’t know where to start coaching myself on this. I’m so proud of myself for being brave enough to bring this up. I have/do feel a lot of shame around this issue. Please help!!