New Beliefs About Coworker 2

I’m trying to square the answer given with what I see Brooke do in her own life and career. She doesn’t accept other people’s definitions of fair. If she did, she wouldn’t charge $300 a month for an online program; she wouldn’t expect people to pay this on time; she wouldn’t expect her employees to do their work. Instead, she makes her definition of fair, from what I can see, and enforces it, without anyone calling that ’emotional childhood’. I’m wondering why I’m being coached to not do the same?

My definition of fair is that a coworker responds to my emails eventually, since we work together and it is his job to do so. If I just passively accept that he isn’t the problem for not doing that, where does that leave me? Quiet and ignored. Yes, he *is* the problem.

Does Brooke not have expectations of people to pay her?