New job and children’s time


I have just changed for a new position at work, which is better for me (more interesting, closer from home, nice colleagues). However, I found myself upset since the beginning concerning the things I think I have lost, and that are related to the time I used to spend with my kids on my former position

I used to have my Wednesday afternoons free from work to spend with my kids, and also more holidays with them (with the new job, I lost 4 weeks that I can’t plan on school’s holidays).

I am torn between what I need to do to have an interesting job and fearing not spending enough time with my kids, that they’re growing up fast, and what other mothers choose to do on Wednesdays. With these thoughts, I feel guilty.

UM :

C. New working hours and holidays on my new job versus my old positions
T. I have lost a lot
F. Frustrated
A. Ruminate, cry, don’t show up with my kids, behave frustrated with my new coworker on this subject, think that the new position isn’t making me gain anything in my career
R. I am loosing the time I spend at home and work by ruminating

IM :

C. New working hours and holidays on my new job versus my old positions
T. Nobody can ever separate me from my kids
F. Determined
A. I try to plan my moments better with my kids, engage more with them, tell myself that my husband has a great relationship with them even with less holidays/moments with them, show up at work as I want to, enjoy my new position.
R. I am not separating from my kids or from my work

Thank you for your insight