New obstacle thoughts arising with increasing self-acceptance, confidence, and self-expression

I’ve been on a journey of unconditional self-love and self-acceptance, and as I get better at practicing these choices, I’m noticing new kinds of thoughts arising that I’ve labeled as obstacle thoughts, unintentional, unwanted.

These thoughts sound like variations of “I’m too much” (i.e. was I being too aggressive? I’m shoving resources down her throat. I am bothering her with my outspokenness, etc.)

As I become more of who I am and own who I am, I’ve become much more confident, self-confident, and self-EXPRESSIVE.

While I love that I’m showing up more authentically in my life and giving a voice to my thoughts that feel important, I’m starting to wonder about what the difference is between showing up confidently vs. being too aggressive and cocky.

I would appreciate your insight. Thank you!