New Scholar Question About The Model

My Question has to do with the model and two situations that effect my thinking that don’t start with thoughts: (or so i think!)

1)The day before my period I feel very down and react differently to situations. I know because the next day when i get my period i feel MUCH more for lack of a better word, “ sane”. So, in this case my hormones effect my thinking which effects my feeling. I of course can think whatever I want about how I’m feeling and if I know i have PMS that can help. But, in this case my thoughts aren’t creating my feelings. Actually my feelings are being created by my hormones.

2) This situation is more serious. For some reason when i am in some situations my body get’s anxiety. For example, I had this anxiety when dating a certain boy I really wanted to like and be happy with. I have also had this for many years in certain corporate America jobs. I know Brooke says we can think whatever we want but I have found my body is literally telling me “this isn’t right.” Let me try a model:

C:Job at Ingram go to work
T: i’m going to do my job and do it well
F: My body is shaking and i feel such anxiety
A: try to skip meeting with my boss
R: I’m more and more afraid every day/ Eat more to soothe/ talk to doctors/ end up wishing i was someone else so i could work here and just be happy

Could it be that your body creates your feelings in some cases?

Of Course- I can take my feeling of anxiety and think whatever i want about it. I’ve tried that. I have said, oh, it’s not because of that boyfriend, it’s not because of that job. But, when i have left either it’s gone. My point is sometimes you can’t and shouldn’t think whatever you want. Your body can show you feelings and truth? Intuition? As Joel Dizpenza says your body is your unconscious mind?

I’m so sold on the model except when it comes to this. Sometimes I just can’t think whatever i want and be happy. It’s rare but help me here…