New to models

I’m a manager at my job yet have terrible social anxiety that I hide pretty well. I want to change my thinking so that I feel differently when approaching staff and colleagues. The fear is a heavy
burden to carry. My number 1 goal to work on is my social anxiety and fear of judgment. Could you review my two models and give some guidance on them? I’m new and want to master the
models. Thanks.
#1 C- attend manager meetings
T- I’m a fraud, I will look stupid, I’m inadequate
F- fear
A- I over-analyze after I speak, or I hold back rather than engage
R- I don’t show up as I want to
#2 C- holding employees accountable
T- they are going to dislike me or be mad
F- dread
A- beat around the bush in approach or tiptoe to avoid upset
R- I am unclear in direction, and I am ineffective