Is my niche, niche enough?

Okay, Brooke. I am loving, loving,loving this program and just getting so much out of it. Thank you so much. I have been a long time fan of yours since I ran across your business stuff at MBI. I was listening to your podcast and hoping for this exact opportunity to work with you as I live overseas or I would have done your coach training.

I’m starting up my wildly successful life coaching business ( working title) and working on niche. Right now I have overwhelm for smart busy working professional women with kids who feel overwhelmed by their life and all they have to do and want to work on making their lives have more ease and freedom. I have written a life simplifying program which is basically about miniminalism in different key areas of life, which is something I practice myself, like you. Constraint is the name of the game. However I kind of feel like this isn’t all I can do because I have 20 years as a consumer insights specialist and have a model I have developed overtime for explaining / changing consumer behaviour that works just as well for coaching clients as it’s a lot like CBT/ACT therapies and your model.I have this theory that i was too successful as a market insights person and now we are all suffering the effects of this distraction with food, media, drink, spending.I have literally spent thousands of hours interviewing people to find out how to make them buy, watch, eat and drink more. I want to now use this for good not evil. 🙂 Ha! Joking aside, I do want to empower people to take back their lives from distraction and mindless consumption. Part of me feels like my overwhelm niche is too small for my real abilities and drivers yet my big picture all wooly and not targetted enough. I haven’t been online marketing enough to know when my proposition is ‘pointy’ enough ie. niche enough. I am also an MBI trained coach and have practised meditation and taught it over the years so I am kind of spoilt for choice for tools/specialties.
Thanks for all that you do!