what do you think of this coaching niche idea?

Hi Brooke, I am working on a niche idea- coaching school-based Speech Language Pathologists who;
-Have come to dread coming to work
-Wish they could quit- but “can’t”
-Feel completely overwhelmed and stuck
-Cannot stand paperwork
-Have become resentful of the workload
BUT want to gain confidence in themselves
Find ways to re-ignite that spark for their career
and create healthy boundaries that afford themselves some self care
(that’s a rough draft)

From my research, the American Speech Language and Hearing Assoc. reports that there are between 50,000 and 60,000 school based slp’s in the US. Is that going to be too small of a niche? Say if 20% of them are feeling like I was -that’s about 11,000 peeps total…

ANY feed back, advise or next steps from you would be awesome.
~Angie Merced