Self-Employment Transition – Answers

Hey Brooke! Thanks for the super-fast response. I think last night’s overdrinking had me catastrophizing this morning – and your comments woke me up. Here are my answers to your questions:

List my skills: Copywriting, public speaking (on-stage & teleseminars), video sales letters, email marketing, sales funnel creation, product creation, idea generation, training, website design.

How can I use these skill sets to make money in a way that provides value to the world? The easy way is to help solopreneurs grow their businesses – with my knowledge of these skills. The easiest way would be to find and review existing training and tools – and blog about them (video walkthroughs, demos, etc.) and grow my list/social media following. Generate income via affiliate commissions. A bit more difficult would be to create my own training products. The real solution is probably a combination of both… Start getting “now money” by promoting high-quality training/tools – and then create my own offers over time. I can see now that the skills I have and have honed – other entrepreneurs also need to grow their own businesses. If I can see myself as what I was… a “solopreneur” who went from $0 to 7-figures… and then show others how to do that with their own products, copywriting, sales funnels, etc. – using my speaking/writing/training skills – that’s a way for me to profit from my experience – without wallowing in “Oh, I got that experience from selling get-rich junk”. Hmmm…

How can I start being a Life Coach without spending any money: It’s funny – I started a FB fanpage a few years ago to post positive “Millionaire Mindset” quotes – and it’s already up to 5,494 followers. I guess that could be considered “coaching” at some level. With tech the way it is today, a FB Fanpage, Instagram, blog, YouTube channel, etc. – would be a way for me to share what I’m learning and implementing – in a way that wouldn’t cost me money – but would get me followers/a following. That’s something I could do in my spare-time (since I’m already studying/implementing personal development strategies in my spare time – and sharing this would help me understand this information at a deeper level)… and then I could see about monetizing whatever following I have over the coming months. That’d be a no-risk way to start – give lots of value – and see what comes as it grows.

Curious to see what you think. I think I’ve felt guilty about my biz (Thought: I’m a bad person for making money this way) so it’s nice to see that I don’t have to ditch EVERYTHING I’ve learned over the last decades in order to “move on” or grow something that feels like I’m giving value and really helping people. 🙂