Non-Linear Change

Hi Brooke,

I joined SCS in February and the effect your work is having on my life is constantly presenting itself to me in more areas and ways.
I lost 50 pounds, I transformed my way of thinking about money, I changed my relationships with others and with myself, I even shop differently, I decluttered my surrounding, my house, my body, and my mind.
I truly feel like an upgraded and improved version of myself.

One thing I noticed though – I always used to be attracted to unavailable construction workers. Truly, since I was a teenager. I now know that I always had a story in my mind about them. I admired how early they start their days, how hard physically they work, and they always seem like they are the type that have patience and the ability to delay instant gratification. AND, I always told myself they are attractive, masculine, and mysterious. All thoughts, I am totally aware now.

Having changed my desire for the type of food I eat, the items I shop, the people I befriend, all completely changed, and yet when my building is going through renovations now, I find myself enamored once again with them. I don’t act upon that but I sense tension and they let me know they notice me and I let them know I notice them.

It feels as if this is a ‘leftover’ of my old identity, as if my transformation is not necessarily linear.
Does that make any sense?