Not my best self

Hey there Brooke

As I’m starting my health coaching business, I’m running into this problem.

I feel like I’m a bad example and That when people see my stuff or see me speak, that they will see right through me.

Lately I’ve been hiding a lot and buffering with food. Which I haven’t done in such a long time.

I traded one buffer for the next.

I think it’s because I’m literally at the point where I’m ready to get to the other side of this part of my business journey.

I’m done with my funnel and just need to do a few things and then place the ad.

Which means I REALLY have to show up.

I’m so afraid that I won’t live up to the message I’m portraying.

Especially lately, it’s like my life is filled up with a heavy fog.

I’m everyday trying to separate the math from the drama.

This last week has just felt too real.

Here’s my unintentional model:

C – Starting my coaching business
T – I’m a fake
F – Guilt
A – Beat myself up over everything, buffer with food tv and sleep, plan horribly, indulge in confusion,
R – Not show up as my best self.

I keep wanting to change my actions in order to think better about myself.

I’m realizing that now.

I’ve tried thinking “I’m doing the best I can” but that usually comes with “but you’re not”

Help with new thoughts ? Or am I skipping steps ?