Not Enough

I am working on my thoughts around money to help me get to my impossible goal of $50,000. I wrote down some of the thoughts I have been having lately and one that keeps popping up is this model:
T- There is not enough money.
F- Scarce
A- Hang on to it tightly, overspend, not see money as abundant, not have a good relationship with it by not handling it well, spin in my thoughts about it
R- Perceive to see not enough money

When I ask myself WHY there is not enough, my thoughts go to the past such as – In the past I haven’t had enough or Because we don’t have enough to do everything. Or I’ve never had very much money.

I’ve tried to work on an intentional model, but I’m wondering if I’m trying to move away from these thoughts too fast? I thought of a neutral thought such as – Money does exist – to make it less about the amount. Thanks!