"Not Enough" Syndrome

The word “not enough” follows every sentence in my head.
My thoughts are…
I am not enough
I don’t have enough money
Saving little by little isn’t enough
My effort isn’t enough
Getting paid that amount is not enough
Losing “X” lbs is not enough (could be 1 or 50…still not enough)

And every single one of those thoughts creates a feeling of hopelessness. So my results mirror my thoughts of course.

And this thinking runs rampant across every area of my life, I see how much changing this thought can change across the board.

I want to believe I am enough, we have enough money, getting paid X amount is enough, losing X lbs is enough. When I think those thoughts my brain offers evidence for why it certainly is not enough. “You got paid $2,000 but you want to earn $50,000, so that is not enough.”

My thought is I want to earn “$50,000 in one shot. Or lose 60lbs in one shot. Or save $5,000 in one shot. These incremental results are never enough, it’s all or nothing.

I want to see this differently but I keep getting stuck. Thank you for your coaching!