Not Enough

Hi Brooke, could I ask to for help to clarify my result? I want to improve my relationship with myself. I go back to the thought that I’m not enough over and over again. I know it helps to be really specific with the circumstance instead of saying myself, but it comes out in many areas of my life.

C: Myself
T: I’m not enough.
F: Sad, unworthy
A: act nice to prove to myself that I’m okay, look for validation from my fiancé or from others around me, beat myself up, spin in my thoughts, belittle myself

For my intentional model, could my result be knowing I’m enough no matter what or would that need to be a though? I know some possible intentional thoughts could be – It’s possible I am enough. I notice I’m thinking the thought that I’m not enough and that’s okay. Do you have some thoughts that have worked for you? Thank you!!