Not losing weight; I’ve gained.

Hello. I’m participating in the lose 8 lbs. I’ve been writing down the protocol and following pretty closely. Will continue to fine-tune. I’ve resisted urges- yay. I’m fast in the evening so from 5-6 pm- 8 or 10 am. (I’m a health coach and a lot of recent research I’ve found states fasting in the PM is better. Giving it a go.) I’m vegan. I’ve cut out all bread, alcohol, processed, sugar, etc. I’m eating 3 meals, though. But 2 are smoothies with greens, protein powered, seeds and blueberries (or other berries). One of them has little bit of oats and the other is just the other one mentioned. (The eve one is really light.) I’m exercising 3-5 days a week (that was ongoing) and walking almost daily. I feel great and am having few urges. I’m super gassy and also now going to toilet less than before. I normally do all of this eating protocol the same except I will buffer with something like bread or chips a few times a week to daily and also may drink alcohol here and there. So not like a massive change except for eliminating some items. I’ve also not lost weight and it’s day 6. I did go down 3 lbs then jane gone up and down. I do feel good eating this way and I feel it keeps my hunger and blood sugar stable. Also I’m drinking tons of water. I have 45-50 lbs to lose. I’m assuming I should stick with this but please do let me know your thoughts. Not sure what is going on and assuming it’ll regulate. Any tips or advice? Thanks!