Not ok w/ glorifying white, straight males.

I’ve been heartbroken for many years. I was raised in an extremely conservative religion. I (finally) began to see the male dominance in religion, society, business, government, etc. etc. And I realized how oppressive this is to women and girls around the world. And it horrified me. I left my religion. And now even see God and Jesus as a male dominated story of a white, straight male who is supposed to be our “Savior” and “authority”, etc. I am just so sick of glorifying white, straight males. Even Christmas is ruined for me.

My entire, gargantuan family (minus one sibling) glorifies “Patriarchal order”, glorifies male only Priesthood and male church leadership, and believes males are “head of the household”. It’s soooo creepy and wrong to me now.

My problem now is…I feel trauma from my family – for continuing these ideas of male domination and authority. I have separated myself from them – as I try to rebuild my life without these ideas. But I feel tremendous sadness over all of it.