Unfit mother

The mornings in our house are hell. At least 2 times a week I end up screaming until my throat hurts, because I have not been able to find a way to get the kids to listen to me if I don’t. They either move like snails in syrup or they freeze and stare out into the air when they should move and eat and dress and get their stuff ready. I am not capable of staying calm and I am not capable of getting them to listen.

C: Kids do not respond with requested action to my words. Kids being late to school 1 x this week. I used a voice the neighbours could hear 1 x this week.
T: I am not capable or fit to be a mother
F: Despair

T: The kids will be permanently damaged by living with me.
F: Devastated

T: I am not equipped to teach them normal behaviour
F: Inadequate

A? (writing thought download, crying)