Hi Brooke,

OCD can be embarrassing.
You know that your thoughts are messed up, irrational, ridiculous, perhaps and laughable to others. But for the sufferer it is real and painful. I am emotional now as I write this.

I know that you have said we can choose to be overwhelmed or not.
I am not good at technology and wish that I had the physical books which have been mailed to my friend in Florida, as I live in the Caribbean.

I understand the principle of what you are teaching and it makes sense to me.
But in spite of this, I am having a really hard time applying the model to ME.
My thoughts are so tangled up, but I go through the motions of doing what I think I need to do. I am passionate about my art, and that is pretty much my whole life, teaching and painting with a very small social life.
My life is small, money is in short supply.
So my 3 (main problems) no doubt all interconnected are :

*a ‘broken (OCD) relationship with God, while I know He loves me I am not at peace -(I’m emotional again)

*a broken marriage – still in the same house but very little relationship for about 10 years now (4 children, youngst 20 yrs and still at home going to university)

*Financial struggle

I am having a hard time trying to begin.
I am at about pg 100 in you Self Coaching 101
Had a look a at the workbook
and on day 2 have spent over an hour reading making notes and ‘consuming’
abd rying to Do The Work but finding it difficult.

I have to prepare classes so have no more time, but hope to join the podcast at midday (1:00 pm my time) I then have to teach.

Please guide me.