When to move on?

Hi Brooke, I’ve been in SCS for 2 months now and this is my first time using the Ask Brooke section. It’s time to take action.

I’ve been in a ground floor network marketing company for 3.5 years. It’s a unique opportunity because they have a massive history of success in China, but the launch here in North America (intended to go global) is slow going. Chinese Medicine hasn’t reached hot commodity stage here yet. For 3 years I’ve been determined to be a part of the launch in the biggest way possible. In some ways you could say I’ve succeeded. I’ve earned 4 incentive trips with the company, and have the one of the fastest growing teams. As an example the trip I’m going on in 3 weeks has less than 30 earners in all of North America, and 9 of them are in my team. Despite this personal growth I am making 5% of my target income. The top earner in the company (the master distributor) is making about 20% of my target income. I’ve reached a point where I don’t feel like I am learning and despite my slow and steady increase in income, I am starting to question my desire to stay.

Thoughts: I LOVE the product, I LOVE the chairman’s vision, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my team.

More thoughts: I don’t love the leadership, training, marketing, or success rate of other distributors.

After some challenging experiences I decided to find another company (with a non-competing product) I felt like I could authentically grow and already I’m seeing and learning so much. In this new company others are making 40 times as much as my target income. Despite seeing what’s financially possible I feel torn about growing a new team and leaving everything I’ve built behind.

My question is this-
How do you know when it’s time to make a business move toward financial success, vs staying where you are because you want it to turn into something it’s not yet turning into? For years I’ve been thinking “maybe we’re almost there” “maybe it’s about to take off”. How long do I sit with a “maybe” vs. take action where success is evident?

I hope that makes sense and thank you in advance,