October Homework – “positive” and “negative” circumstances?!?

Hi Brooke!
I just got all caught up late last night and dove into October and as I was go the Day 1 homework, I got totally tripped up about listing “positive” and “negative”circumstances. You’ve done SUCH an amazing job of teaching us that Circumstances are Neutral — no ifs, ands, or buts! I only started Scholars in September, but have taken this to heart, and I’m not understanding the point of going backward. Would you please explain, and/or suggest something else that I should move on to that will still be of great benefit, so that I can get what was intended from the theme of this first week?

Also, I loved loved loved the September workbook! I feel like I want to repeat it for every single month for the rest of my life (seriously), and one thing that was particularly useful was the turnaround thought, or the turnaround — start with what you don’t want and turn it around into what you do! October, on the other hand, has us listing positive thoughts, circumstances, feelings, etc. first, followed by the negative (at least at the beginning.) Just wondering, was this intentional? If not, I will just fill them out in the opposite order because I don’t like the idea of ending the exercise with the negative thoughts. But if so, I’d love the understand the reasoning, so I can get the most out of it!

Thanks so much!!