Off Protocol

I have been doing amazing since watching your Stop overeating videos. I have a good protocol, I do intermittent fasting with a 6 hour eating window, and do daily thought downloads. I am so proud and confident in my new thoughts for the last 3 weeks. Until…last night, I had a major fail. I had to make a snack mix and puppy chow for a fundraiser event and totally inhaled both while I was making them. I have some bad thoughts about this. I know I need to do a thought download on the situation and reflect back on my thoughts that allowed me to inhale the junk food. I will do that. My main question for you is when someone “goes off the deep end or has a binge”, after the thought work is done on why it happened, should I just get back to normal protocol, or would you suggest doing a longer fast. I am feeling like I should do a 24 hour fast to help compensate for the binge, but I am also afraid that may cause me to want to overeat the next day. My thoughts are in a bad place and I need to work there! So hard to not get down after an episode like this. Please help!