When you answered someone: “the thinking that got you to 157 may not be the thinking that will get you to 132,” my mind was blown a bit!

I am stuck at about 5 lbs above where I want to “try” to be (even though I have never been there in my adult life). And I am finding myself letting go of that goal… sabotaging with unplanned joy eats, etc.

Pat asked me: “Have you been to Russia?”

Me: “Nope”

Pat: “Do you want to go to Russia?”

I said: “Not really?”

Pat: “So, why do you want to get to that weight?”

Me: “Hmmm… because I want to see if I can?”

Brooke, is it enough to want to get there because I want to see if I can (even though I don’t have to, and may not actually want to in some ways…)?