By George I think I may have it

C-Relationship with sister-
T-My sister looks down on me and doesn’t respect me, My sister blames me
A- Recoil
R- Limited relationship with sister

Using the magic of CTFAR and thoughts create results:
meaning, we can have any result we want in the R line with the correct thoughts!!!

(learning from the BEST!!!)

C-Relationship with sister-
T-My sister loves me and I love her
F-Warm and loving
A- Reach out and spend time
R- A loving relationship with my sister

and with any work I ever choose to do
T- I am brilliant, competent, productive and effective at my work
F- Motivated, excited
A- Engage in my work 100%
R- Brilliant, productive results


so now, its just gonna be a lot of practice.

and I am gonna practice when I feel like binge-ing as well. beautiful, good feeling thoughts.

I am SO excited. This is LIFE CHANGING

Thank you again for being an example of what is possible
I love the model and this course