On Believing Before Or After

Brooke have mentioned several times in the past that when someone doesn’t want to sign up for SCS she is totally confused and doesn’t understand how come they won’t sign up for such an amazing offering. I agree with her by the way 🙂

I wrote two screenplays and submitted them to 15 contests this year and truly believed the entire time that it’s a no-brainer that I will win. I so believed in the stories and my writing and it’s like I’ve been to the future and already saw myself giving an acceptance speech.

Then came all the rejections, and most were saying the exact same thing: Yeah, the story is interesting, the descriptions are amazing and rich, but the structure is way off and so we pass on these screenplays.

And when these rejections came my first reaction was truly: ‘What? These are AMAZING screenplays. Are you sure we’re talking about my screenplays?’

I still held on the belief that they must be talking about something else because I so believe in my work.
But then my screenwriting coach told me: ‘You can stay with your opinion that they are amazing all your life, but you will never earn a dollar as a screenwriter unless you change what you offer because clearly only you think it’s amazing.’

It makes me draw the conclusion that Brooke only is confused about whomever doesn’t join SCS when she has so many already telling her that it’s amazing, because if no one would have signed up for scholars since it first launched, she would have to change something to make it appeal to potential clients.

Do I understand it correctly?

Believing I wrote the best screenplays BEFORE made me write those screenplays and submit them. Keep believing AFTER (no one picked them up) seems like will keep me as an unemployed screenwriter…