One more fine tuning on hurt and sister

Hi Brooke,
Is this thinking sound?

You (from May):
Relationships are thoughts
Our relationships are simply our thoughts about another person.

I am really having a relationship with my thoughts about my sister.

Rules keep us from experiencing thoughts.

I have a rule that ” my sister should not blame me”
“My sister should not judge me”
Really it is me judging my sister
Me blaming my sister

I am judging her thoughts
This really means, I am thinking in ways that prevent my open self from simply experiencing her.
The game I am caught up in is still the game of believing my own thinking.

She is an adult and can think whatever thought she wants
I really do not know what she thinks
I do not want to know what she thinks 🙂 nor do I want to know what random thoughts I have most the time (let it go)
Thoughts change moment by moment anyway
Thoughts turn on a dime

I prefer not to judge her on my perception of her thoughts
I prefer not to judge anyone on my perception of their thoughts
I prefer to let go of thinking about anyone’s thoughts or thinking I can know their thoughts or thinking I can control their thoughts about me

Furthermore, they are only thoughts, each of our thoughts,

and our thoughts get in the way of true connection

I prefer to pivet and get off this road, move into love, let judging, controlling thoughts go
Thoughts shift like clouds in the sky
I prefer to let us all be, let each person evolve as they will,
moment by moment
I choose to experience love (to love and be loved)