One last question

If I’m not sure if I want to drink 24 hrs from now or not, should I create a drink plan in case I want to and if I don’t drink then great?? I mean this is like saying oh then I’ll make a drink plan every night just in case I want to drink. This is not really what I’m saying because I’m not going to do that. The way I work trying to control my drinking is to not drink during the week and not limit my wine on weekend evenings. This is my first step and hurdle. So if I don’t know if I want to drink or not in 24 hrs should I just make the drink plan? I collect my urges by not drinking during the week because I drank every night. Once I feel in control with this I will work on limiting urges after drinking a lesser amount than usual on the weekends . I do get the urges during the week and write those down.