Here is what one year of SCS gave me – AMD

Hi Brooke, & SCS Staff:

Once again, I’m at a milestone, my house is empty and there are only SCS folks to share it with. Here goes:

I’m about to push “publish” on my novel. It will go live on 2/14/2018.
Since October of 2017, here is what I’ve done:
* Started writing regularly and allowing the sheer joy of it
* Hired an editor BEFORE I finished the book – announcing it would be 100,000 words. (It’s 105,000.)
* Committed to writing 35,000 words in 3 weeks in order to deliver it to her
* Committed to completing the 2nd draft in 4 weeks (during December Holidays) in order to deliver it 1/1/2018 for review
* Committed to delivering the final draft to a line editor by 1/29 – BEFORE I’d finished the 2nd draft
* Committed to a book cover before the line edit was done
* Committed to publishing on 2/14/2018 – before my editor was done with my first draft.
* Set up an LLC, got a business account, and held 2 corporate meetings with myself, keeping minutes for each
* Paid for services from my business account
* Bought a domain name for my pen name, set up a website, and then used the email to sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing
* Formatted the darn thing for paperback and ebook
* Found 2 people willing to do an ARC
* Plotted a launch plan
* Lost 2 lbs and caught the thought that was derailing me (“I don’t have time to stay OP and do all this”)
* Kept my day job while not working more than 45 hours a week at it.

Everything I committed to – I did. Every date I set – I met.

Here is what I noticed:
– Picking a book cover and print size? Before SCS… I would have floundered and wallowed in indecision. Now? “Decide fast and have your own back” got me through it.
– Revising a book? Who knew how hard that was going to be. Before SCS, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to set all those deadlines up front and I’d still be working on draft 1. Now? I’m failing my way to success. Pick a date, go at it with everything. If I fail, that’s one of my 25!
– Formatting my book and pressing “publish”? Before SCS… crazy perfection seeking. Now? B- baby. Publish and move on. I have THINGS. TO. DO, Mama!

When you said – “Sign up, commit to a full year, do the work, do what your coach tells you” – I did. I committed, I did the work almost every single day. And you promised “It will change your life.” And it did. When I paid for my first month – in February 2017 – and got that box in the mail to prepare for March, I couldn’t have never imagined who I would be today.

Thank you so much Brooke, Pat B, and the whole rockin’ staff at SCS. You all have made my life so much better.