Over-Coaching Out of Excitement…

I remember hearing Tony Robbins tell the story about how he ran out of an NLP seminar to coach people in the street. The seminar presenters told him he wasn’t qualified yet, since he hadn’t gone through the entire training – but he was so psyched about the life-changing tools he was learning, he just leapt into coaching strangers.

Does anyone (yourself, other coaches) have the experience of getting so excited by the model and self-coaching success… that, well, you go a little crazy coaching everyone in your life? That’s kind of where I’m at – and I’m simultaneously excited (“OMG! I can see how their thoughts are causing that feeling and result!”) and annoyed (“OMG! I need to shut up! These people are fine the way they are AND they didn’t ask for help!”). I realize I want to shut off my Facebook now, too – because I’m a member of a few self-help groups where people post their problems – and it’s like a little dopamine hit. (DING! I know this one! DING! I got this one, too! DING! More problems to solve!)

I believe the answer is – only coach those who you attract who request coaching – and then yourself. But urgh… this is so exciting! It’s both hard NOT to talk about it … AND annoying watching myself talk about it with people who I’m tackling to help. (Come… back… here… YOU need help!)

Is this a common thing for new coaches or people who learn the model – or am I an outlier?