Over Drinking

Hi there coaches,

I am really struggling with over drinking.

I drank last night, and it was unplanned. I drank way too much; I really feel it was not a reasonable amount. I am being so kind with myself today and not beating myself up, which is very new to me. I am nurturing myself, giving myself care and grace, while still performing all of my tasks and getting things done. It is hard work feeling quite physically seedy! I have however been reflecting and kindly getting curious with myself and asking why I gave in to the urge and why I drank such a large amount. I basically have realised that it was a response to feeling lonely. I realise that I did not want to just sit with the feeling and feel it all the way through. I knew that that was why I was giving in to the urge as I was doing it because I required of myself to do some reflecting before and during the drinking. Also, a very big part of this equation is that I was very tired, and I know that when I am tired and run down, I tend to find it more difficult to resist urges. I know that this is all very useful information.

I am so frustrated with myself because I have some really big goals and have been creating some really amazing momentum. I am going to not let this mean anything and just get right on with things. And I know that awareness and forgiveness is such a huge part of this. I’m probably never going to be perfect, and I know there will likely always be hurdles to overcome.

I guess I don’t have a question… I just wanted to share this and would love some words of encouragement or advice.

Thank you so much for reading this and thank you in advance. It has been quite helpful sharing this as shame can start to creep in.