Overcoming the Fear of death

Life long issue. Female, 73 years and healthy (no apparent illnesses). Retired nurse with much hospice experience and always very comfortable with a dying patient but fearful of my own death. Agnostic. Have done several models for over a year with a little tiny shift to more peaceful thinking but continue to feel panic/anxiety when contemplating my own death and whatever-after-life. New to TLCS and have made appointment for my first coach call, ever! Much appreciate any and all help.
C-everyone dies
T-I am agnostic
F-scared, anxious, unsettled, frightened
A-study religious beliefs, read books written by psychics & mediums, watch videos on life after death,
research out of body experience
R-Continue to feel fearful

Ladder thoughts
T-there are many beliefs about death and dying
A-do self-coaching exercises, read self-help books
R-Fears continue

T-There are many belief systems
F-curious, eager to form belief system
A-continue academic and spiritual approach to forming belief system
R-continue searching

C-There are many beliefs about life after death
T-someday, I will die
A-continue to study all belief systems, continue exercises
R- remain curious

The fear has been with me all my life. Have had years of therapy, practiced many regions, studied and read, all with the intention of accepting death & dying without fear!

Thank you for your help!