Overeating Anxiety

Hi! Im working on overcoming overeating and excess brein chatter sbout food. I was doing well for several weeks but recently have noticed that I create a lot of anxiety for myself around food and my ability (or perceived inability) to stick to my food plan for the day and then end up eating things off protocol or in excess to relieve that anxiety. I can see that I am creating this situation with my thoughts but am still having trouble changing it.

Here’s the model I’ve come up with:
C: I have a protocol for what I’m planning to eat
T: I might not be able to do it and then I will be a failure
F: Anxious
A: Try to resist eating off protocol, have trouble allowing urges, end up eating off plan
R: prove that I cant follow my protocol and am a failure

Ive tried coming up with new/intentional thoughts to think in this situation, but find myself going back to this pattern. Do I need to “practice” the new thoughts more frequently? Or is there a different solution that I’m not seeing?