I find myself in this model at some point each day:

C: All the to do list of the day
T: There is no way I can get all of this done.
F: Overwhelm
A: Buffering/procrastinating
R: I don’t get all of it done

I find myself in overwhelm and can change the thinking because I see that it’s not serving me and not rational. Most days this works for me really well. Today I just found my mind returning to this model even after I took the time to change to my usual thought, “I will get done what I need to today.” It was a day where a lot didn’t go as planned (many C’s out of my control) and I didn’t have much wiggle room in my schedule. I am thinking that I need to just allow myself to be overwhelmed instead of just trying to change the thought right away? Even changing the thought to “this is overwhelming, and that’s okay. I can deal with overwhelm.”