Hi!! I am half way through the new podcast where you interviewed scholars. THIS IS AMAZEBALLS!!
One of your discussions was on her worry and fear and anxiety about her health. She felt panic, doom, and terror. I know you both discussed that feeling the doom feels better than resisting the doom. These are a few notes I jotted down:
“TRY ON THE FEELING OF DOOM. Sit with it, it will flow through. If it comes again, I will feel it again.
We think the worse thing that can happen is dying. But dying means you are dead. That’s not bad because you don’t even know you are dead. The anticipation of the doom and worry and terror is what makes it awful. The truth is any of us can die today.”
I think I need to re listen to this several times to grasp this. This is a HUGE thing to be able to really get and would be so helpful in my life. Can you expand on this or possibly do a full podcast on it?? When I fully get it, it will be LIFE CHANGING I think. HUGS!