Patient Complaining About Me to Another Doctor

I just found out a patient went to another office and complained about me. He also called our office before that and said “these women docs think too much of themselves”. He wanted to see another doc in the practice and he found out it was a woman so he refused to her as well.

I know he said words.
T: I’m inadequate he must be right
F: crummy
A:ruminate, waste time, obsess
R: disconnection with myself

Here is another model:

T: I will never make it
F: unsuccessful.

Looking for other thoughts:

  • Patient said words that got back to me.
  • Part of the package of being a clinician is cranky patients.
  • His words are not my reality.
  • I went out of my way for him when he was here it’s unfortunate he feels this way.
  • I hope he finds someone who cares.

None of these thoughts feel good though.

I want to feel calm, receptive, and unbothered.

Any other suggestions here?